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Leasing/purchase of premise/building with the area from 300 to 500 square meters

Premise selection criteria:

  • The premise should be located in the places of people and traffic flow concentration. Active retail zone.
  • Location: nearby transport hubs and interchange stations, underground and railway stations, busy pedestrian crossings.
  • Presence of large business, trading and entertainment centers nearby the object is appreciated.
  • Perfect visibility of the premise from the distance not less than 100 meters.
  • It is appreciated if the premise is built in the ground floor of the mall.

Building characteristics:

  • Ground floor, separate entrance from the main street. Corner location of the premise. The possibility to place the advertisement panel and wide (from 8 meters) face.
  • Availability of the backyard for the installation of ventilation equipment. Possibility to arrange summer coffee-shop, permanent plot is an advantage.
  • Availability of the parking or the possibility to arrange thereof.
Power supply (with central heating)
One-time load, kW - 180
Installed capacity, kW - 260
Power supply (without central heating)
One-time load, kW - 215
Installed capacity, kW - 295
Reliability class
Heating supply
Total capacity, Gcal/h – 0.26-0.33 (with heat medium supply schedule 130/70°С)
Water supply and sewage
Total water and effluents consumption -15 cubic m /day. Availability of domestic, technological and storm sewer system
Communications and connection
2 phone numbers (five-pair land line cable with switch case) Internet connection line and IP-address for the Tenant (traffic rate not less than 512 kbps)
Gas supply
Is appreciated. In case of gas supply the requirements to power capacity are reduced
Escape and service exit
Availability of service entrance/exit. Availability of second (escape) exit from restaurant hall
Fast-food construction period
For the period of construction operations one-time power capacity not less than 50 kW/hour and water supply 500 liters per day according to interim scheme within the plot/building
Availability of the place on the roof (or mechanical floor) for placement of air handling units. Possibility to assemble 2 ventilation chutes, each in air ventilation shaft or provision of the place on external wall for assembling thereof. Availability of the place for installation of waste bins (Smin = 6 square meters)
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