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If you have operational management experience, sufficient funds and gumption and you genuinely care about your business - we will definitely become partners! We guarantee honesty, conscientiousness, commitment and accuracy of implementation of agreements as well as observing the international standards of business. You will see what is love and respect to the guests of your restaurants. You will understand what is strong belief in the brand, full understanding of it, acceptance of all the procedures and standards.

We will help you in all matters from the feasibility study till the personnel trainings

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  • General characteristics

    • Operational management experience - preferably in fast foods, food service industry, hotel industry, retail sails
    • Financial gumption - the ability to use financial resources for achieving the maximum profitability of business and the ability to use financial assets for achieving the best investment results
    • Corporate governance experience - proved by career development, top management positions, periods of work on this positions and actual achievements
    • Governance style - the ability to participate in general processes and to lead them
    • CustomerMania - genuine care about everything related to the guest service
    • Sales and marketing experience
    • Business talent - persistence, motivation when achieving goals, and independence
    • Insight and experience in commercial real estate development and project management
    • Funds - must be sufficient for developing a franchising project
    • Negotiation skills - the ability to listen, to overcome objections, to compromise, to be flexible, to be tolerant when working with opposite opinions, to work in situation of uncertainty
    • The ability to work with people / compatibility with YUM culture - we expect you to share our beliefs, to be open minded, to be an active listener while communicating with people and to perceive their ideas and comments
    • An active investor, who understands the necessity of reinvesting profits
    • Honesty and conscientiousness
    • Trust, belief and loyalty to KFC brand and full understanding of it, acceptance of all the procedures and standards, ability to work with the brand independently in compliance with all the limitations
  • Desirable characteristics

    • A balanced profitability - understanding the relation between the quality of offered courses, the level of guests service and the necessity of "making money", and finding the right balance
    • The commitment to be included in the business every day (either the owner or the main operator)
    • Thorough study of all possible risks - think twice before making a decision
    • Willingness to relocate - both the owner and his main operator (if needed)
    • Sufficient funds to develop a multistructural chain
    • An experienced user of the main computer programs (MS Office - Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
  • Undesirable characteristics

    • A passive financial investor
    • An intention just to use KFC brand as a funds generator for some other business
    • Inability to follow the YUM Code of Conduct
    • Previous conviction or bankruptcy
    • Conflict of interests (for instance, being an employee or an owner of a competing brand)

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